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Article Date April 15, 2014 from The Hill
The Department of Transportation (DOT) on Tuesday moved up its projected bankruptcy date for the trust fund that is used to pay for road and transit projects, saying it will now run dry by the end of August.
Abandoning a controversial effort to add a gasoline tax to California’s fledgling program to reduce greenhouse gases, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, on Monday shifted his focus to how to spend billions of dollars on affordable housing, mass transit and high-speed rail.
Article Date March 20, 2014 from Los Angeles Times
Orange County’s vast network of toll roads will go cashless this spring, shutting down all of its toll booths and eliminating the need to fish for exact change.,0,7424026.story#ixzz2wbwdFa5i
Article Date March 19, 2014 from KABC-TV Los Angeles
It's no secret that Los Angeles has more than its share of crumbling roads and buckling sidewalks. L.A.'s top financial officer wants the city to ask voters for a sales-tax hike to pay for repairs.
Article Date February 18, 2014 from The Atlantic Cities
If the $50 billion Sochi Olympics have raised the specter of runaway public spending on infrastructure, this Canadian city offers an alternative.
Showing 1-5 of 84