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Article Date July 25, 2014 from Los Angeles Times
Caltrans to move ahead with plan for O.C. toll lanes on 405 Freeway segment despite opposition from cities
Article Date July 23, 2014 from The Hill
The Senate will hold a vote this week on a proposal that would eliminate most of the gas taxes that are paid by drivers in the United States.
Standards developed over the past decade offer reasons for optimism.
Article Date July 15, 2014 from The New York Times
President Obama on Tuesday pressed Congress to break a deadlock over a long-term transportation spending bill, arguing that Republicans were more interested in trying to “score points on cable TV” than in fixing the country’s roads and bridges.
Article Date July 15, 2014 from ABC News
With an August deadline looming, the House voted Tuesday to temporarily patch over a multibillion-dollar pothole in federal highway and transit programs while ducking the issue of how to put them on a sound financial footing for the long term.
Showing 1-5 of 102